A New Project!

Hi all,

My moto in life has always been ‘One Life. Live It.’ so when I was given the opportunity of taking on a lease of a minimum of three years for a smallholding and cabin with a couple of acres of land in Northern Spain, I didn’t even think twice, I just went for it. Loaded the car complete with lawn mowers, chainsaws, generators, brush cutters, etc and set off for the Asturias region of Northern Spain! 🙂 If you get chance, check out my website :- www.asturias-smallholding.co.uk

Back in the UK now but heading back over there on Saturday, had to learn to work the land and rebuild the cabin. Even had to work out how to deliver fresh water from a well to the cabin… great fun 🙂 Just got to watch out for the wild boar and the wolves of a night!

Will endeavour to blog more frequently (along with updating my own website as well) 🙂

3 thoughts on “A New Project!

  • Wow! That’s fantastic Samantha, you certainly seized the day. I’ll check out the website and follow it for updates but don’t forget us stick-in-the-muds back in blighty and keep blogging on here 😉

  • Sounds a cracking adventure you’ve got to look forward to. How exciting. The countryside must be fantastic. I will look at your website and look forward to your updates of how you are getting along. Best of luck.

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