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Dear All,


I would be grateful if you would consider taking part in the International Society of Nephrology 0 x 25 Acute Kidney Injury Global Snapshot. The purpose is to describe the epidemiology of acute kidney injury globally. All the data collection is anonymous. We did something similar to this in the UK two years ago as a service evaluation and the global snapshot is based on this piece of work.

It essentially involves collecting anonymous data on all patients with acute kidney injury on one day in your hospital selected between now and Sunday 7 of December.

I attach an email and further documents to give you more information on how this was approached in Leeds and Guys Hospital in terms of the advice that it could be performed as a service evaluation from the research and development department at  Leeds and the Caldicot Guardian at Guys. Please contact me if you need any advice.

I would hope that the fact that there are two large teaching hospitals that have overcome the issue of whether consent is necessary will help you contribute to this important piece of work.

If you do not think you can get approval from your local R&D that it would be a service evaluation by the deadline then the advice would be that you can collect the data in paper format and submit once you have achieved official approval through whichever route you pursue locally.

Please see the email communication below with the appropriate link through to the global snapshot website to enrol.

Following considerable interest in the AKI Global Snapshot from multiple centres across the world, we are pleased to inform you that the study will be extended by four weeks until Sunday 7th December.

As you may have seen from our previous updates, we have over 500 centers in 93 countries registered for the study and patient enrollment is proceeding rapidly. Now, due to requests from a number of additional centres, we have decided to extend the study window to enable their full participation and to ensure maximum representation from all geographical regions. By doing so, we hope to maximise this opportunity to obtain essential information on the global burden of AKI.

What should you do next?

•  If you are not yet registered to participate, we encourage you to sign up via the 0by25 website:

•  If you are already registered and have not yet entered your centre’s data, we invite you to select one or more index days in the remaining study period.

Please also share this information with other colleagues who may still be interested in contributing data to the Global Snapshot study.

Thank you for your invaluable support and we hope that you will contribute to this exciting initiative.

Best wishes,

Dr Andy Lewington BSc MEd MD FRCP FRCPE
Consultant Renal Physician/Honorary Clinical Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Medical Education LTHT
Renal Department
St. James’s University Hospital
Beckett Street

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