Akaal TV – The Big Question

A new Sikh community TV channel, Akaal TV, which is aimed at younger viewers, is creating three discussion shows as part of their Big Question shows on organ donation and the need for more Asian donors.

These are last minute shows, we believe prompted by the Sangat TV series, with one filmed last week under our supervision and recording taking place this Wed and next Wed for the remaining two shows, with SNOD Janice Bayliss attending.

The shows start tonight – Tuesday 5 November at 9pm and run on the same day and at the same time for each of the next two weeks. They are in English, last an hour and will air on Akaal TV – Sky channel 858 and online at http://akaalchannel.tv/

Big Question

Tuesday 5 November 9pm

Focus on donation and ethics/religion. Included SNOD Janice Bayliss, CLOD Dr Sri Nagaiyan and Dr Venugopal, local retired GP.

Tuesday 12 November 9pm

Expected to focus on transplantation. Expected to include Dr Adnan Sharif, consultant nephrologist who we expect to discuss reciprocity, Shashi Patel who is on dialysis awaiting a kidney and Mark Davis, West Midlands Region Advocacy Officer for the National Kidney Federation, who is a kidney recipient

Tuesday 19 November 9pm

We don’t have a lot of detail on the final show yet but Akaal are looking for a donor family to be involved.

As this has been a last minute opportunity there hasn’t been the same opportunity for publicity as Sangat TV but we’ll be looking at what we can do, for example, on social media, to promote these shows.

The evaluation will mainly fall within what we are doing for the Sangat TV shows but will be difficult to separate. We’ll see what else we can do.

If anyone would like any more information please let me know. Please share as appropriate.


Cherry Brown

Media  and PR Officer – Communications

NHS Blood and Transplant

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