An OK day!

Hiya, me again, blabbering on…

I had my first real wobble about going to dialysis last week! Blubbed in the car on the long 5 minute journey. The same outside the unit door not wanting to go in! My hubby went in, saw my nurse. She came outside, made me laugh, and in I went. To state the obvious, once I was hooked to Dai the D Machine, there was no escaping!

Every session has thrown something different into the mix. If it’s not the fuzzy head, it’s double vision or being sick, and to end a session..the feeling of being half cut and not being able to walk a straight line! Now the new one..restless legs..jiggle..jiggle..jiggle..aaaargh! If only I could fall asleep for the 4 hours.

Last Friday was the first of an OK day..good BP, BS, no double vision and no sickness only a fuzzy head. That I can cope with, although no paracetamol as that would mean swallowing something and consequently being sick 🙁

Yesterday (Monday) was another OK day, but I say that loosely because still had double vision and a blinder of a headache (Not for the whole time, but 3 of the 4 hours was spent lying out on the couch again) A step up to ‘green’ needles..a bit ouchy but EMLA cream sure is my best friend on D days!

Havent tried to eat or drink anything since being sick after 3 sips of tea while on D yet, but look out tomorrow, my nurse wants me to try a cup of tea! My reply to that was…”have the sick bucket close by”! It’s also full bloods test tomorrow ..roll on next week to see if there are any changes to meds.

For now, you will be pleased to read, that’s it from me. Only to introduce our GSD..Amber 🙂 no matter how rubbish dialysis is on any one day, I can always expect an excited welcome and sloppy kisses from her! Always brings a smile to my chops!

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2 thoughts on “An OK day!

  • Thanks again for posting a blog of your life on dialysis Ann. It gives a ‘warts and all’ picture of how demanding the process is on your time, energy and body. Perhaps they could try an intravenous cup of tea 😉

  • What a brilliant blog Ann I hope that this is seen by a wider audience, and you are quite correct EMLA cream is the best on D days. Keep blogging

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