Anything Can Happen and It’s what you Make of It x x x

I am not much of a writer so apologises now for babbling on with my little self, but here we are from where it all started (Short Version).

I was 16 due to be 17 (November) in just a few months and always remember my mum crying as I drifted in and out of conciseness  as I was due to have an operation for which never happened as to the condition I carried was announced Wegeners Granulomatosis.

16, I was 16 just leaving school and thought that I had the whole world ahead of me, yes I did but with a daunting side of life to. It was hard, I had just left school with not much qualification and so I training to be nursery nurse, and it was hard. Time passed of appointments and treatment. And as time passed things settle and came under control, I changed my job career and began working in an office and meet new friends and started to socialise more and felt human again.

But like all women I had the one question and always remember asking that one question women want to know, children? The answer I got was not so disappointing but still it hurt as to the fact of the chance possibly not.

As years pas I meet my partner (of 10 years) and having a baby came in to discussion and was a tuff one for my partner to commit to as to the possibility of losing my self and not only myself the baby as well.

In the end we went for it, I got pregnant very quickly for which the Doc’s where very surprised at as being a ?? Renal patient things just take that little bit longer.

The pregnancy was hard it had its ups and downs along the way, function was lost for which was not unexpected I started with 28% and was left with 5%, but so worth. Mya arrived @ 7 months into the pregnancy and was born weighing in at a good weight of 3lb 10oz @ Salford Royal at the time the ANU was open. She came home @ 5 weeks, where as I went home a week later and visit every day for a couple of hours as there was not one day that I didn’t go, she was my little fitter and still is now, tuff like things she is.

Home life was good, I was lucky to have the support that I needed as whilst on maternity I dialysed whilst waiting for a match on the transplant. Family volunteer to donate (which I will and always will be very grateful for)

All in all things did turn out to good in the end for me, don’t get me wrong at time I do have bad side effect/replaces but Docs fix me up and life goes on.

So here I am again aged 32 – 16 weeks pregnant were having had my transplant 2 and half years later expecting my second bundle of joy.

I am already been monitored carefully by the Joint Antenatal Clinic once a week, sometimes once every two week s, but it does feel like the same road as Mya but I still wouldn’t change it.  This time am prepared for the not so good days as I seem to think that Peeps like us we just get on with it rather than moan, I just moan about the general day today stuff on how much a box of soap power is lol.

Having my first @ 7months is a shock to any mother having their baby earlier and will admit more for theses who do have them earlier as meeting parents in the situation we all feel the same its just scarier for other to deal with, but as Mya has turned out to be a health little girl now aged three and ready for School Nursery in September, I work part time so I am still able to stay in my career and also spent time with little one taking her to school and picking her up.

My aim in writing this as I mentioned at the beginning of my blog is to show you that no matter what we have wrong with use that at times those dreams can still happen and happen in a before and after event of a situation.

I would like to think that in some how my short version of my story may help other believe that you can still have a career and a family and that everything you have is your and no one else’s.

Take Care

All My Love Laura x x x


3 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen and It’s what you Make of It x x x

  • Thanks for sharing your story Laura. Since getting involved with GMKIN I’ve realised a couple of things. Firstly, my CKD journey has been a lot easier than many of the other patients I encounter, you included. Secondly, we’re a resilient lot who usually manage to find a way to cope.

    Good luck with your second pregnancy, your children are very precious.
    Rob F.

  • Hi Rob,

    Thank you very much for your comments and yes we do seem to just find that way to get on in life.

    Laura x

  • A moving story Laura and from your account you have overcome major obsticals and trauma in you life! you sound positive and that’s the best way to deal with your condition. We’ll done and best wishes for the future.


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