Hi everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I like to share My experince today and also previously regarding appointment at hope hospital I set off from Bolton 08:00 in morning rush hour traffic got to hospital 09:10 parked My car then the stress of getting to the right department. Finally asked My way round I gave My appointment letter to receptionist so told me to sit down after a short while a  consultant came to me and took me into a room only to tell me that he did not know why I had gone there and told me that I was not even on their system to be seen as I had already had My Angioplasty last week and said sorry. I was very upset because I had to  take time off work and then My next appointment I planned was at 11:30 with Cristina at salford universe  what do I do with all this time so  I went to renal outpatients department showed them the letter but after enquiring  they did not have a clue so I decided to phone Bolton renal unit to see if they knew anything no luck now I’m really frustrated . Same thing happened last august I was called to renal out patients at 10:00am I was made to wait till 16:00hrs then was told that there was no appointment for me I wasted all day with no answers . Who is responsible ? Who do I complain to? Because I am working I have to cover the time I take off for appointments or take unpaid leave and every time I do this I have shortfall of income for that week plus My expenses to appointments which cost me up to £10:00.

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  • I understand your frustration at having to take time off work unnecessarily but without further information it is difficult to comment on your particular problem Safaafaz however this isn’t the first such administrative problem I’ve heard of. Indeed I’ve had a couple of similar problems with blood test appointments recently. Perhaps we, as a group, should start to collect evidence of similar issues and present it to the hospital involved.

    • Thanks rob I think it’s a good Idea to collect evidence because some people have to do so much planning around work dialysis and family life.

  • Sympathies Safaafaz looks like a big error somewhere. My personal experience since 1998
    with SRFTH (and in its previous life as Hope Hospital) has always been very good apart from
    minor blips like an HCA weighing me and losing 4 stone in the process (I wish…)
    Do hope you sort out the mix up.

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