12 Months

12 Months… Today sees the 12 month anniversary of my dates with Dai #dialysis shocking where the times goes but also the longest 12 months ever! If I’m really honest..the hardest 12 months that only 2 people really understand..Lee and myself. Putting a few things down in print..maybe to share my experiences/thoughts with others going[…]

What’s happening?

Hello hello, haven’t been here for a while.. Whats happening?..well dialysis is still a struggle (nothing new there!) no two days are ever the same. If an ‘ok day’ could be had two days on the trot, I’d be laughing! Plummeting Bp and flaking out..yay go me! 🙁 Anyone else encounter that!? Wobbly legs after[…]

D Day

Hello All 🙂 The next chapter..dialysis We went along to my routine kidney checkup appointment back in March this year. Always knew the day would come, but somehow didn’t expect to be told by my Consultant that he wanted me to start dialysis. I’d either start dialysis or be back to see him, whichever appointment[…]

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