Blog No. 2 – The Race season!

Hi all, I haven’t had chance to blog recently, have been unwell – not kidney related!!! The usual winter coughs and colds but not clearing couldn’t seem to shake them, and then my asthma kicking off as well, only managed to get out mountain biking and hiking a couple of times for leisure rather than training!!!

Spring has just begun, the first race of the season is in two weeks and I have started my training routine… well, in mind… actually, haven’t really started yet. There was a choice last weekend, plant some fruit trees in my back garden or go out cycling… The fruit trees won… Garden looking lovely now 🙂 Training will definitely start this weekend, or I suppose, I could use the first race of the season as a way of assessing what training I need to do and how I could improve… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Blog No. 2 – The Race season!

  • Well Samantha summer is now almost upon us and I was wondering how you’re burning your seemingly endless supply of energy these days. I manage to get to a friend’s cottage in Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales once in a while and can’t believe how much the Tour de France is dominating life there. One major upside to it is that they’ve repaired a lot of the roads!

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