My Week on Home Haemodialysis

by Jackie Yates Starting haemodialysis at home is a little daunting, but also liberating. It doesn’t take any less time than it would in the unit, and you have to be self-disciplined to do the required dialysis sessions, as well as all the necessary setting up, disposal of clinical waste, and routine maintenance needed. The[…]

Giving a Gift

Spare Kidney: Good Working Order

Spare Kidney:  GWO Even though I had been a renal nurse for many years it had never occurred to me that I could be a live kidney donor in the paired/pool scheme.  My only experience of live donation had been through patients whose family or friends had donated. While working as a Renal Therapy specialist[…]

World Kidney Day 2016 – Thank You!

I have been working with our young adults with renal problems for over a year now, and I have to say they still manage to surprise and inspire me, day by day. I want to take the opportunity to thank the incredible gang of young people in the Young Adult Renal Network (YARN) who made[…]

Special trips for kidney patients aged 16 -40

Dear All I got an email recently from a charity that supports 16-40 year olds with serious health conditions. They have supported local kidney patients and their loved ones with ‘special days’ over the last few years. If you or someone you know is the right age group and has kidney problems – you are[…]

Half full or half empty?

  My daughter asked me an interesting question the other day. “Is your glass half full or half empty mum?”. I thought about this and started reflecting on my life. Do I think that I’ve been dealt some unlucky cards? Well yes if I consider that not long after I separated from my daughter’s father[…]

A Different View

A different view. My journey into the renal world happened suddenly a few years ago when I was admitted and commenced on urgent haemodialysis following a sudden realisation and the awful truth that my kidneys had failed. It wasn’t that hospitals frightened me. I was no stranger to being in that kind of environment as[…]

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