CKD Does Not End at Transplant

You may think that this post belongs in the Transplant group, and you may be correct. However, I suggest to you that you may want to consider that following: the Transplant patient has to attend clinics just as before, undergoing constant testing and treatment with clinics spaced according to how well the organ graft is working. In addition to this, the patient also has to take a series of anti-rejection medications for the rest of his or her life and may have to deal with any side affects these drugs may have.

You could say that”Once a Renal Patient, Always a Renal Patient!”

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One thought on “CKD Does Not End at Transplant”

  • The difference between Dialysis and having a kidney transplant, for me, is non-comparable! I genuinely Didn’t realise how ill I originally was on dialysis until I was transplanted. Since my kidney transplant(11 months ago)I look back and realise what a fantastic life I live now. New job, new house, that much energy that I don’t even know how to use it! I realise that I am extremely lucky and not all transplanted patients have as much luck as I’ve had so far but as they say… If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Or in our case if life gives you a kidney disease, you must try to embrace it and make use out something you may or may not know how to deal with.

    I guess my point is if you’re lucky enough to have a transplant like myself, you should never take your new life for granted. It is without a doubt a far better life than having to do dialysis X amount of times a week and if there is anyone reading this still on dialysis… Stay strong, keep positive and your time will come soon enough.

    God bless

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