Complementary Therapy Blog – Summer 2019

Complementary Therapy Blog Summer 2019


A Huge Welcome to Yui May Cheung who is based at Salford, she will be aiming to get in on Wednesday mornings to do therapies for the dialysis patients. Welcome back Kathyrn who is a returning therapist at Wigan. Kathryn will be going into Wigan Dialysis Unit on Thursday afternoons to carry out therapies on patients.

Summer 2019


Summer 2019

World Kidney Day was celebrated by having lots of Kidney related information and exhibition tables for staff and patients on March 14th 2019. This was held in the Foyer of the Salford Royal Hospital (outside Renal Outpatients) We were invited to have a table and exhibit what we do. I had a couple of our Volunteer Complementary Therapy Team help out. Cindy, Clare and Christopher helped out delivering therapies and giving out information.

Staff Meeting in June was held at the Wigan Renal Dialysis Unit, I realised that although the project is over three years old there were still staff members who didn’t know who we were and what we do. So I attended the Staff Meeting to give an update on the project and its progress so far. Hopefully other dialysis units will invite me to give a talk to their staff.

The NURSES DAY in Salford was a hive of activity with Nurses taking advantage of us and our team delivering mini taster sessions to our hard working Nurses. It was FAB!

Summer 2019

Summer 2019We had Kathryn, Mandy & Belinda in Wigan. It is so well received, the Nurses love having treatments and it is so needed as a majority of them are so tired but so dedicated.

A Huge “Thank You” to Clare, Lyndsey (am) and Yui-May Cheung (pm) who helped out delivering therapies outside the Salford Renal Unit.


Oldham Therapists

Summer 2019

Our OLDHAM Therapists – Ruth, Jen and Siobhan delivering therapies at their unit.



Keep looking out for your local therapist in your local Dialysis Unit. Plus we have lots of tips on how to keep you healthy.



If you have any friends, family members or colleagues that are interested in becoming a Volunteer Complementary Therapist then please contact me…     Tel – 0161 20 64812 or mobile: 07872 417512         Tel: – 0161 20 68942









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