Complementary Therapy and its ‘Good News Story’

Good News Story

Good News Story

NHS Therapists Visit to Xaverian Sixth Form College – to give a presentation to Sixth form students studying Health and Social Care.

  1. What is the good news story?

We attended Xaverian Sixth form College in Manchester to deliver a talk/presentation on Complementary Therapies as they were covering this as a module as part of their course.


  1. When did it happen?

Friday 9th March 2018


  1. Why is it a good news story? Why did it happen?

The students thoroughly enjoyed it as they had little knowledge of Complementary Therapies.

The students also had an assignment that focuses on the use of conventional vs complementary therapies and the benefits of integrating therapies.


  1. How did it happen?

I was approached by (Marsell Mackintosh via email) a tutor at the college to do a talk/presentation for them.


  1. Who does this good news story involve?

It was a presentation about Complementary Therapies and their place in Clinical settings. “Integrated Therapies in Practice”.


  1. How does it impact patients, carers and their families?

Complementary Therapies can be beneficial for all types of medical conditions whether physiological or psychological. There has been lots of research and evidence that proves their existence and that therapies can work in clinical settings alongside patients and staff alike. If we can perform our therapies to improve the quality of life of patients just a little then it would be huge help to the patients, carer’s and their families.


  1. How does it impact staff?

Staff can be freed up to carry on their duties and the therapists can provide a much needed service to patients. Nurses are hugely dedicated to their patients but Therapies can be a way for the patient’s to offload their troubles and it can help de-stress the patient.





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