Complementary Therapy on Haemodialysis Programme SRFT Update

Complementary Therapy on Haemodialysis Programme SRFT Update.

I have been busy this month setting up to do talks/presentations for the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and local colleges. I will be speaking to students and trained therapists who may be interested in giving complimentary therapies to our dialysis patients across our 5 units.

Talks have been arranged in March for Skelmersdale (East Lancashire) Colleges, St Helens College, Edge Hill University, Wigan & Leigh and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). The FHT is one of the key national professional organisations for complimentary therapists, and I am very hopeful working with them and via their website will really get our message out to the right audience. I was delighted to have our advertisement for volunteers become live on the FHT Website in February and have already had a few telephone calls and emails from Therapists wishing to join us. Hopefully we will get a few more J

There is a continuing feed of potential volunteers coming through the Volunteer Service here at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

So overall – from little acorns! – the project is picking up speed with a couple of volunteers almost ready to start their training programme at Salford Renal Unit and a couple of volunteers already experienced in therapies finalising their paperwork. They will need to wear tunics similar to mine but in a different colour so patients and staff can easily distinguish who is who.

We have our Patient Information Leaflet now complete and ready to print in leaflet format. This is information about therapies and the oils that have been blended for the generic Relaxing Massage Blend to be used on the patients on the dialysis unit. It smells divine!!

We are considering in the not too distant future the possibility of putting a request on the hospital radio stations for volunteers.  That should be exciting, maybe even go further afield and have a slot on local radio stations. Watch this space!

I have been onto the renal unit in Wigan to take names of interested patients who wish to take advantage of the therapies and Salford is next. We have quite a few patients eager for us to get started.

Looking forward to next month and hopefully we will have more information on the Volunteers progress.


If you have any friends, family members or colleagues that are interested in learning a new skill and training in a short course of Complementary Therapies in order to become a volunteer, then please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!


Janet Cairnie – Complementary Therapy Practitioner, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Base Office: Wigan Renal Unit, Boston House, Wigan.

Tel :- 0161 206 4827



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