Computer Woes

I’m sure you all have days like this…

I’ve worked with computers for almost 40 years now and they still play a huge part in my life but boy, there are times when I wish I hadn’t set eyes on them.

Following a recent incident with a Blue Screen of Death caused by a Microsoft update and having to spend several days rebuilding my computer, successfully I should add, I decided to try to resolve another issue that’s been bugging me for months. For some reason, Firefox doesn’t always resolve the Twitter short links first time, it’s as if it tries to open the link rather than the underlying web page. Anyway after a few days of trying to track down a solution I gave up and switched to Google Chrome. All seemed well on Saturday morning and the links were resolving instantaneously however early on Saturday evening and throughout Sunday my laptop crashed to a black screen every few minutes. I tried testing the computer memory, I tried installing the latest nVidia drivers for my graphics card, I uninstalled the notoriously unstable Adobe Flash Player all to no avail. On Monday morning the laptop crashed after a few seconds of using Chrome so I decided to investigate only to discover that it is a common and unresolved problem with Chrome. Frustrated after battling for several days trying to resolve the initial problem, I’m back to using Firefox now with its unresolved links……

Sometimes I hate computers. Wish I could afford an Apple coz they “Just work” :-). Wish I could afford a new computer full stop!




5 thoughts on “Computer Woes

  • Rob, I feel like that everyday! I do shout at my laptop thinking that it will speed things up.

  • Oh the notorious Google Chrome. I know next to nothing about computers but I know Google Chrome is awful lol. Hope you manage to get things sorted Rob

  • I won’t use Chrome or MS IE for the simple reason that they won’t accept copied and pasted items such as email address and PW. Firefox has never failed me. My heart goes out to you Rob as having just cloned a larger hard drive for my laptop to a much larger one, on boot up I got the dreaded WGA warning even though my version of XP was up to date and ‘GENUINE’. It saw the new haedware as a different device altogether and stopped me in my tracks. I have just installed and updated a genuine version of Windows 7 and while I am unable to run some of my older programs, I’m pleased to say that it’s stable for the time being. Phew!

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