Dipping toes of some cracking good work!


Hi, my name is Janet Hegarty and I’m one of the kidney consultants at Salford Royal.  Over the next year or two, my guess is (now I’ve dipped my toe in these awfully modern waters!) I’ll mainly be blogging about some frankly cracking good work that kidney patients, their supporters and staff are doing to make things better for local people with kidney disease.  This is under the banner of the “SRFT Kidney Patient Experience Collaborative,” which is kind of a fancy way of us saying a bunch of us have got together to share ideas, time and energy to try and make things better for the cause.

We started out last summer asking the question “if my dialysis unit was brilliant then……” (and no re-locating to Honolulu was allowed!)  From there we have kicked off a quality improvement year beginning in November 2013 with teams consisting of both staff, patients and supporters from Wigan, Bolton, Rochdale and Salford renal units, the kidney transplant and advanced kidney disease teams and out-patients  all taking part. 

So we are about 5 months in and a ton of good work has been done already.  They do say a picture speaks a thousand words so I’ll shut up for now but take a look at these instead….


The beautiful art of Mehndi hand painting…..



Fabulous Cake of Flag of Pakistan!

Fabulous Cake of Flag of Pakistan!


St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day











JohnO'Groats to Lands End

JohnO’Groats to Lands End

If you have time, energy, creativity or just a desire to give something back or make it better we’d love to hear from you.  Just give me a shout at janet.hegarty@srft.nhs.uk.  The more people who sign up the more we can all achieve together.



3 thoughts on “Dipping toes of some cracking good work!

  • Thanks for taking the time to blog Janet and it’s great to see the collaboration with patients bearing fruit.. Sorry I can’t make the next session but I’ll hopefully get to the following one.

  • Good to hear from you Janet and what a great idea (so it is)
    I remember my one consultation with you and you trying my excercises post pneumonia 2010. The ‘man from Ballymena’ Mr John Calleary (Urology Pennine Acute) has ‘sacked’ and i am to pass on his regards. Hope your efforts are well supported by GMKIN members

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