EPO Quality Improvement Survey

If you are a patient under the care of Salford Royal Hospital Department of Renal Services and are “JUST ABOUT TO UNDERGO TREATMENT WITH EPO” then we want to hear from you.

By clicking on the link below you will be able to take part in a very short survey on how you would like to receive your treatment. Your response is vital to help us improve the quality of your treatment in the future.

3 thoughts on “EPO Quality Improvement Survey

  • Hi, are the renal patients in the satellite units included in this survey? I receive my EPO during dialysis regularly every week, there have only been a few times that I can remember when the epo hadn’t been delivered that it was given at a later date and I have been having dialysis for over 10 years.

    • Hi Lindsay24,

      Your comment is most welcome. It’s the only way GMKIN can improve.

      You have raised a very good point as maintenance HD patients who have their dialysis on a unit did not get mentioned at our meeting with the exception of home HD/PD patients. It may have been skipped over accidently as it was probably generally accepted that it would not present a problem. Obviously there is a problem. In order to add this to the survey could you send an email to info@gmkin.org.uk starting the subject line ‘HDEPO’ briefly describing the prescription process and I’ll see what I can do about adding that as part of the survey.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Best wishes


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