Escape Pain


Escape Pain

Escape Pain

Dear All

I wanted to share an initiative that I have only recently heard of called “Escape Pain”.  This has got a web site at https:\\

It is a brilliant rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain, usually arthritis of the knees and/or hips.  What it has been really good at, is putting together education so you manage your conditions better and develop better coping strategies combined with an exercise regime that is individualised for you and your joints.  It has been studied carefully and it gets really good results to help people – so that those who have been through it before report:

  • reduced pain
  • improved physical functioning
  • and improved impact on their mental wellbeing of having pain 😊

There are some really nice videos on the web site and a map which can show you if there are any classes in your local area.  I was really pleased to see there are a number for example near Wigan Kidney Care Centre where I do quite a bit of my clinical work.  If you fancy giving it a go – you may need a clinical referral which your kidney team would be happy to do for you.

Best Wishes

Janet Hegarty

Consultant Nephrologist, Salford Royal Foundation Trust

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