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We want your technical questions directed via this page so that we may build up a database of the techy things that concern you most when accessing this site or any hints and tips when using your equipment. We are always happy to help if you help us by asking questions..

We look forward to hearing from you via the reply box below.

The GMKIN Team

13 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions Database

  • Is this to replace the Technical forum and should I post the technical problems with the website here and not in my weekly log as I do currently? Have you considered using a product like TeamViewer to support users? It supports all platforms, is free and very easy to use.

  • 1. The GMKIN website is very slow.
    2. When I post a blog, any comments made to that blog are referred to me for moderation and approval. This isn’t a problem for me but the process doesn’t fit the moderation model elsewhere on the site.
    3. I can’t see my blog posts on the WordPress dashboard.
    4. When clicking on the “Research at Salford” rotating banner on the home page the link to returns a 404 error.
    5. From the home page, selecting Your Health Information>> Your Medication>> Commonly Prescribed Drugs>> the link to the NKF website returns a page not found error. The correct link should be “”

    • Hi Rob,
      Many thanks for your comments. I hope everyone will comment on this post if they have issues. Although we discussed about the issues, I will just briefly clarify some of the points for every user to be aware:
      1. I looked into and I have to do some extra work to speed up. For that I have to put the site down for maintenance – it will probably be done in February
      2. It is set up like that because you — as a trusted blogger — know your topic and you are in a good position to review the comments. I and the other moderators can also approve. It is a process that we would like to test.
      3. As discussed I looked into changing some aspects but further work is required. At the moment you can edit your post by navigating to Blogs – Choose the blog you posted – Click on EDIT at the bottom of each page
      4 & 5 I will solve asap.
      I look forward to see other comments from different users if they experience problems.
      Best wishes. Cristina

  • Dear all,
    As we approach yet another wonderful Christmas, I have just experienced a power cut lasting 45 minutes. This can be quite daunting for able bodied people. I have had these problems when on APD. Fortunately when the power is restored the Baxters machine carries on where it left off in the prescribed cycle. How do people cope when on home HD?

    Getting back to our social networking, basic telephone communication can be kept going by using a standard plug in phone unit as it will run on the local exchange battery backup system. Has anyone seen any cheep and cheerful battery backup units for home use on routers, cordless phone systems etc?

    If you have a mobile phone, you can get away with using that for the lifetime of the battery or the battery backup system ( assuming it is in working order at your local cellular site). In the worst case scenario, the telephone exchange will have a backup generator to cover extended periods of power outage.

    If anyone has any tips for these situations then please have a think and let us know.

    In the meantime, may I wish all our bloggers, Facebook friends and tweeters a very merry Christmas and a really good new year for 2014? Keep the blogs and ideas coming!

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