Fruit Kebabs

Fruit Kebabs

Grilled marshmallows and fresh strawberries

Have some residual heat left over on your barbecue? Toast up these strawberry and marshmallow kebabs.

  • Hull (remove the tough stalk) from a handful of strawberries
  • Thread 3 strawberries and 4 marshmallows onto a metal skewer
  • Carefully hold over the barbecue turning slowly until the marshmallows are slightly toasted
  • Allow to cool slightly before eating

It is a common myth that people with renal disease should avoid eating strawberries. If on a potassium restriction it is important to be careful of the portion size that you eat, however they can still be enjoyed in moderation. It is advised that a small handful (80g) is a portion and no more than 4 portions of lower potassium fruit or vegetables should be consumed in a day. Speak to your Dietitian if you are concerned about your potassium and would like further information.

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