Happiness, where does it live?

Am I happy? My first response is ‘No’ but when I seriously think about it there are many things in my life that give me a sense of what happiness is.

Happiness is doing something for others, giving a gift whether small or large or of oneself.
Happiness is sharing other’s happiness.
Happiness is seeing a long lost friend.
Happiness is eating your favourite meal with family, chatting, laughing and loving each and everyone of them.
Happiness is getting through a dialysis session with no problems.

Happiness was getting THAT phone-call the one that made your heart beat faster and made you smile as wide as an ocean.
Happiness was sprinting 100 yards and not feeling out of breath.
Happiness was taking your first bike ride/roller skating and not falling.
Happiness was sitting next to Dad in the car going for a drive, just you and him.
Happiness was holding Mum and Dad hands’ and being proud ‘these are MY parents’

Happiness is seeing the happiness in living and endeavouring to make it better each day.
And last but not least happiness is having that mug of tea while on dialysis!!

There are many more ‘Happiness is’ these are just a few that came into my head today. I don’t know what made me think about it, feeling down, alone. Sometimes the spur to pick oneself needs to come from within. Love to hear what ‘happiness is’ means to you.

6 thoughts on “Happiness

  • Happiness is still being able to make Audrey laugh after 33 years,
    Happiness is what I feel when my son comes home and the house feels complete,
    Happiness is revisiting favourite childhood places like standing on the footbridge over the South Tyne at Garrigill listening to the water and watching the fish,
    Happiness is catching a glimpse of normally unseen wildlife like the brilliant white stoat illuminated in the car headlights recently,
    Happiness is hearing a treasured piece of music in unexpected places,
    Happiness is truly relaxing with friends,
    And, last but not least, happiness is reading comments on my blog 😉

    • That’s what I wanted Rob. For people to look inside themselves and see what inspires them, to forget for a time their renal problems and celebrate what they have or see or remember or feel. Life can be hard, hurtful, miserable and v depressing but it takes courage to face all those obstacles and still see what we have got and acknowledge them.

  • What a beautiful blog Lindsay.
    Happiness is seeing my four cats charge about the house.
    Happiness is still laughing at my dads funny jokes
    Happiness is remembering the happy times I spent with my ex partner & sharing stories about him with our daughter.
    Happiness is being thankful that I didn’t develop CKD when I was younger.
    Happiness is being compassionate & mindful about others.
    Happiness is being out on a spring day & seeing the first daffodils which always reminds me of when my daughter was born.
    But most of all its seeing my daughter’s beautiful face every day.

    • You express feelings so much better than me Helen. this is why I wrote the post to get others to look at their lives beyond their renal disease. It does help at times to see the good and blessed parts of one’s life.

  • OK Lindsey, inside me there is a really wicked and sometimes banal sense of humour…..so how about these?

    In random order…..no poetic flair !

    Happiness is a day when I know Rob feels well.

    Happiness is when my son comes home to visit.

    Happiness is when THEY are both happy.

    Happiness is not seeing the stray cat streaking in fright out of the house because I’ve accidentally sent something splintering onto the china kitchen floor tiles.

    Happiness is when the stray cat feels it can worship me!

    Happiness is playing a trick on long suffering work colleagues.

    Happiness is knowing I make a worthwhile difference to someone’s life.

    Happiness is watching someone else laugh.

    Happiness is seeing my family and speaking to them if I cannot get to see them.

    Happiness is getting away with a slight misdemeanour!

    Happiness is finishing the hoovering.

    Happiness is sneaking into the staff loos and making a loud farting noise with my mouth to see what the reaction from the next cubicle is.

    Happiness is ‘people-watching’ when I’m out somewhere.

    Happiness is successfully getting down our steep hill on foot in the snow without bruising my bum!

    Happiness is fresh crisp air.

    Happiness is smelling freshly cut grass that I haven’t had to cut myself.

    …..and there are many more, ha ha ha.

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