HKPA Holiday Home/Caravan ongoing Funding Requirement

As all HKPA Members are aware, we have available our Holiday Home/Caravan available for respite and short break holidays for Patients and their Carers to enjoy.

This provision has been run for several years very successfully by the late Kath Barlow and Maureen Bleakley, which the HKPA have heavily subsidised for the benefit of all who care to use such facilities.

However, the time has now come for us to approach Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Equipment and Supplies to offer financial support by way of one-off and regular donations to support this very worthwhile provision for the benefit of our Members.  Our Members that have taken advantage of this facility have demonstrated their appreciation of such, which has been possible from its inception from a very kind Benefactor to purchase, equip and maintain our Holiday Home.

The current status of this facility is considered now to be somewhat dated, and it could be argued that it is not compliant with current Health & Safety Legislation, disability unsuitable (for wheelchair access) and in need of replacement at an early date.  This would be preferable before the start of the next Holiday Season commencing 1st March 2015.

The Committee are presently considering our Options in this regard, and a full Financial Appraisal is currently being carried out, to determine the viability and practicality of continuing to provide this facility for our Members.

We are therefore making this URGENT APPEAL to all Manufacturers who provide our Circle of Hospitals – at Salford Royal, Bolton, Wigan, Rochdale and Oldham, with Equipment and Monthly Replenishment of Medical Supplies to each Hospital and direct to Home Patients, to consider making a Donation to the HKPA in order to continue to provide this very useful facility for the future.

Steven Chadderton  (Treasurer) – Hope Kidney Patients Association.


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