Jo’s Dreams, A Kidney Patients Charity

I have heard in the last couple of years a lot about the Willow Trust, a charity for people aged between 16 and 40, and it got me thinking, what about us that are older?
Well not long after I was told about a small charity for all kidney patients, Jo’s Dreams.
Jo’s Dreams was set up in memory of a patient that sadly passed away, who’s dream was to give patients the best experience she could, something they normally wouldn’t be able to do. The charity is ran by Joanne’s sister Denise white and her team, her is a little extract from their Facebook page…….

It was Joanne’s wish to help others who are going through the same experience that she did with Kidney Failure. Jo wanted to give a terminally or seriously ill person, suffering with stage 4/5 kidney disease, a release from their normal, dictated routine of a dialysis week. We want to be able to provide for them an experience of their choice. For example a day out at the zoo, a night out at a concert or a day at the sea side. Jo wanted people to have an experience that would create a fantastic family memory for them and their loved ones. Jo’s Dreams is a fund that the family are setting up in memory of Jo to cover the costs involved to turn her dream into reality.

Now I knew a friend of mine had been given a wish of his to go to watch his beloved Manchester City ( it was so hard writing that being from the the Red and proper half of Manchester). Not only did they get him tickets, but he was in a private box and also had a meal. Now I knew I had emailed another charity like this before so on contacting them I didn’t hold out much hope. You see, the dream wasn’t just for myself, as what I asked for was something my wife, and must say my carer, who I couldn’t do without, had always wanted to see Billy Elliott at the theatre and as she had never been to London, we would kill two birds with one stone as they say.
So I messaged Jo’s Dreams and heard back straight away, Denise said she would see what she could do.
So we waited and then were told to give some dates we could go and when the show finished etc.
Well, we were over the moon, then Denise contacted us asking about travel etc and if a certain train would be ok and to change to a day later as the prices were astronomical for Friday travel to London. Then she sent us the theatre tickets. Here we were expecting bog standard seats, how wrong were we. We were on the second row in he gallery, the first two on the right hand row. We were also sent as V.I.P’s, with pre show meal, also free bar and canap├ęs before the show and in the interval, we had the room to ourselves. We travelled first class Virgin train there and back for two nights. We were expecting a little b&b on the outskirts somewhere but no, what do we get? Only the Savoy Hotel, something we could only ever dream of, how the other half lives, the bathroom was as big as our front room.

Now Jo’s Dreams is only a small charity so therefore can’t grant every wish or dream but do what they can but they do try to give each patient the best possible time they can and need as much funds as possible to do this, the same as all small charities like our own at Hope KPA. I would just like to personally thank Denise and everyone at Jo’s Dreams for their kindness and generosity.

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