Lockdown Blues

Lockdown Blues

Hi All, first let me say that I hope you are all doing the best you can during these crazy times we find ourselves in. I, like so many people during the first 3 months was unable to leave my flat at all and was finding that difficult as we all were.
My job for many years has been a Magician/Children’s entertainer and one day talking on the phone to a family member about the lockdown she suggested that why don’t I put a few magic effects on Facebook for my friends and family to see something to take their mind off things for a short time, so that’s what I did and it helped me so much to spend time thinking of which effects to do and what words to say. It was the distraction I needed as I was missing people so very much.

I have spoken to Rob about the videos, and he is going to post them on the group’s YouTube site and in this post, below. So if you like, you can have a look and a laugh and think well at least am not as daft as that. Take care all and remember we will get through this.
Best wishes, Gary Mark

Lockdown Magic 1

Lockdown Magic 2

Lockdown Magic 3

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