I recently asked had any member been diagnosed GMUS . OOps it should be MGUS.

‘Monoclonal Gammopathy of  Undetermined Significance’ (Bence/Jones Paraprotein)

And can I ask is any member a Foundation Trust Member of  Salford Royal?

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  • Hi Tonyjoe. Like Rob I am also a member of the Salford Royal Trust. Do you you have a specific question regarding MGUS that we can pass on to an appropriate healthcare professional? Any details are treated with the strictest confidence.

    As an advocacy group we are here to help what ever the circumstances.An initial point of reference can be taken via the following link:

    I hope you find this useful and help to allay any fears you have about this condition.

    • Hi Stuart Thanks for your reply. I dont have a particular query having been well briefed by my Nephrologist, Dr Steven Waldek and my
      brilliant Haematologist Dr Kate Williams at Fairfield G. Hosp. Bury. I was diagnosed when I first
      started attending SRFTH. and I wondered if any other member had been diagnosed.

      Hope you have a Peaceful Christmas and New Year full of ‘good days’ and good reults.


  • Hi Rob tried to reply earlier but BT went down!!!
    Do you attend meetings? Must confess not been for ages. New Years Resolution try to go.
    Have a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a New Year full of hope and improved health.

    • No Tony I’ve not attended any of the meetings but have been tempted. I’ve also considered attending one of the open Board meetings that they now have at Salford Royal just to get a feel for how they maintain such high standards while the NHS is suffering such swingeing cuts and near constant re-organisation.

      Really looking forward to the Christmas break, my son came home yesterday and we’re off to see my 9 and 7 year old nieces on Boxing Day so I can behave like a kid again for a few hours 😉

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