Mike Kewley on his experience of living with kidney disease

Mike Kewley, committee member of MRI KPA, shares his experience of living with kidney disease.

Mike Kewley

Mike Kewley, kidney transplant patient and member of MRI KPA

Mike Kewley – kidney transplant patient

I started my personal kidney journey in 1998 when I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure by Renal Consultant Dr Ackrill at Withington hospital. I was familiar with the disease as my mother had kidney failure and was on dialysis at the time. Throughout this period I continued in full time employment.

Despite being in that situation I managed to avoid dialysis until February 2005. I put that down to a very low protein diet, no salt in food, staying healthy by going to the gym and walking and very supportive family and friends.

In 2005 I started haemodialysis training at Wythenshawe hospital as I intended to do home haemodialysis to enable me to work full time. I had fistula several years earlier in preparation for this.

I was on the transplant list for several years and in March 2005 I received the “phone call” and had the kidney transplant on the 17 March 2005. I had several sessions of dialysis and one following the transplant as the kidney did not take straight away.

The kidney is still going and I appreciate I have been very lucky to have the transplant so soon in 2005. I continue to stay positive, eat healthy and exercise.

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