my story so far !!!!

well here I go my first blog.

its almost 2 years since I started this journey on the c k d route not a pleasant start but the staff at Salford royal soon changed that and put me on the right road which is straight ahead no looking back. I was diagnosed with myeloma the para-proteins from this are blocking my kidneys, so no transplant for me. I am now PD and Salford referred to Oldham royal for my myeloma where I met another team of fantastic nurses and consultants. I was so cross at the whole world at the start and felt I just could not do this. the worst feeling was the loss of control over every aspect of my life. this took some getting used to.

now on the good side of all that’s happened I have a whole new world of people who are friends and very supportive on any subject of my journey. always there when needed most. and through all this there has been my husband carl who has loved me at my worst and held me at my weakest and whom I would have been lost without.

hope this helps anyone out there with similar problems, and will continue to write about my story

4 thoughts on “my story so far !!!!

    • hi tonyjoe, I have nothing but praise for all the staff at O R ,that I have met on my visits for treatment,
      there concerns are always genuine ,for me they make a bad day look good.

  • Good blog Kath and you make two important points. Firstly, a transplant isn’t always an option for CKD sufferers and secondly, how much we all rely on the love and support of our carers. Thanks for taking the time to introduce us to your story and I look forward to the next update.

  • Kathleen, thank you for sharing your story it’s good to know you have left the trauma you went through as you stated your CKD journey.

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