Naqeeb Qureshi on donating a kidney to his mother

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In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

Directed donation

Naqeeb Quereshi who donated his kidney to his mother 4 years ago

Waoo, it has been Four Years Now (13 September 2013-2017) since my mum has her transplant done at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI). We arrived in this country in July 2012 as a family to live and progress our life and careers but you don’t know what happens next. My Mum was diagnosed with CKD stage 5 and after 8 or 9 months when results were getting out of control, we have no other option left except Dialysis. My mum was much afraid and reserve to have this treatment and we have seen a couple of people in our family who ultimately died because of this disease and they were having dialysis. The whole situation and conditions were really frightening and terrible as we have no idea and clue what to do next.

First of all, Our GP Dr Anjum referred my mum to Fairfield Hospital Bury under the Consultation of Dr Sinha who listened to us very deeply and then briefly explained the initial and future stages of this disease. She has given us a lot of hope and power that this disease is curable and we have a lot of success stories. After that, we have been shifted to Salford Royal Hospital under the Consultation of Dr Donne and other team members who took highest level of care and take us on board with every decision. I told her mine and my brother consent to be potential Live Donor for my mother and she told me “Yes that’s possible”, we just have to follow the whole process for me and my mother to make this successful. Me and My brother passed the initial test for potential donor but I decided to go ahead first to have rest of the test done.

Directed donation

Naqeeb’s mother, Gul Rana Tabassam & elder brother Habib

It took 3-4 months of Tests and all necessary investigations, I have been told that I am fit enough to become live donor. In July 2013, the Doctors told that we have to put my mum on dialysis as there is no option left. My mum was still afraid and frightened but I gave her all the motivation and courage that soon we will hear about our transplant date and by the Grace of Almighty Allah, we will have success in this. In the meantime, we received an appointment from MRI to see the transplant Surgeon. After all the necessary tests and investigations, they have given us the Date of 13th September 2013 (Friday) for the transplant. The operation really gone well and I got discharged after 4 days and my mum after one week. We have been discharged back to Salford Royal after 6 or 7 months and now my mum is under the care of Dr Rachel Middleton and their team who are playing a vital role to ensure everything is upright. Since from that time, my mum is doing well in terms of her transplant and my brother (Habib Qureshi) who is now carer of my mother is actively working to make sure everything remains positive and stable.

I don’t have enough words to thanks all the people and members who have been involved in all the process but I do want to mention some names as without them, it would not have been possible.

  • Dr Sinha (Nephrologist)
  • Dr Donne (Nephrologist)
  • Dr Wood (He prepare myself to be potential live donor)
  • Dr Afshin Tavakoli (Renal Transplant Surgeon)
  • Dr Umer Masood (Transplant Surgeon)
  • Dr Rachel Middleton

The purpose of this whole story is to tell the people that if you can change someone life by your donation then please come forward and do so. This will greatly impact the person life who is being on dialysis and can’t able to enjoy his life in the way he should. I hope this give you some positive energy and you will think for anybody in your family or even for strangers

Kind Regards

Naqeeb Qureshi

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  • So glad things are going well Naqeeb. Thank you for sharing your story and I will share it in the hope some people may read it and sign the Organ Donor Register or donate to a family member or friend.
    I myself am waiting for a date for my Live Donor Transplant from my Brother, hopefully in November, it will be my 4th Transplant.

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