Naqeeb ‘SAVES’ Mums life


Naqeeb making brave decision.

Naqeeb making brave decision.


My name is Naqeeb Ahmed Qureshi and I am from Pakistan. I just come to this country last year, and here it was diagnosed that my mother has CKD stage 5 kidney disease and I am very, very upset because after this discovery my mother admitted many times to hospital because of different reasons like vomiting, shortage of blood and many, many others. She bear all this with very patience, and then I decided that I should give my kidney to my mother so that she can also live normally and enjoy the life as other did. Then with Salford Royal Renal Team I done all the tests and be ready for it. My brother also want to do but I don’t allow him because I said I want to do first and then we get operation on 13th September 2013.

Naqeeb and his Mum Gul Rana both doing well at home


The reason for telling my story is not show how generous and brave I am, I just want that other people should also come forward as a live donor to their friends relatives and family members because I seen very closely how the patient suffer from this disease and what level of pain they feel on dialysis. So it’s my heart request that any one who read this please come forward so that we can face this disease.

In the end I want thanks especially Dr. Rosie Donne, Dr Smeeta Sinha and all the members of renal team in Salford Royal and in MRI for their efforts and very, very huge thanks to Mr. Afshin Tavakoli and his team for doing a fantastic operation.

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  • Bro , no doubt you did a great job..its deal of great courage and respect for Mother…i appreciate you ..
    i have no words to appreciate more just want to say

    ……………………………………..SALUTE TO YOUR BRAVERY………………..

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