New Complementary Therapist in Place

***First complementary therapist cleared and ready to go***

comp therapyOur first Complementary Therapist is ready, willing and able. It’s good to have her on board – welcome to Ms Claire Gibbon!

Claire has a degree in Complementary Therapies and she is so excited to be joining us. There will be no shortage of patients for her as there are 3 shifts that take place at Salford Renal Unit and are open from 7am unit late (10pm). If you are dialysing at Salford and are interested in trying massage on dialysis – look out for Claire or discuss with staff.

I have done presentations at St Helen’s College, Edge Hill University and our local FHT meeting at the Image Centre in Leigh. Lots of interaction and questions were asked about Integrated Therapies and taking therapies into clinical settings. Hopefully I have drummed up some interest for volunteering as these are the people who have interests and are already trained in therapies. They would be a huge asset to our Renal Units.

The advertisement in the ‘International Therapist’ (FHT magazine) and on the FHT Website is garnering interest and we have a therapist interested in Volunteering over at Oldham & Rochdale. Watch this space for more info on that later.

An article has been sent to Leo Clifton our Volunteer Co-ordinator for the next edition of the “Volunteer” Newsletter. We look forward to reading that.

More Volunteers are coming through from the FHT Website as I placed an advertisement for Volunteer Therapists.

I am arranging more presentations for Walkden Sixth Form College and Bolton Colleges.

So – phew – lots happening and I hope you will start to see the therapy team out on a unit near you v soon!


If you have any friends, family members or colleagues that are interested in learning a new skill and training in a short course of Complementary Therapies in order to become a volunteer, then please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!     Tel – 0161 20 64828         Tel: – 0161 20 68942

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