Patient Experience Collaborative

It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” – Mohammed Ali


Patient Experience Collaborative

 Hi All

Vicki and I had a really positive meeting with our Executive Sponsor today.  All the Salford Royal quality improvement projects have a senior sponsor or champion. This is part of the proven way of getting change to happen better in big hospitals.  His name is Ian Moston and he was a previous finance director at Christies, and started with Salford Royal in January this year.  We explained to him that getting money out of the charitable funds to help QI teams do their improvements had turned into a real “pebble in the shoe” experience. He has agreed to give us some of his time and energy to look at the problems and suggested that we get one of our QI patients in on the discussions to look at how we make things better.  He also was able to share some excellent ideas from Christies (remember the QI motto – shamelessly steal!) regarding fundraising, recognising the kindness of people who donate and making the money processes more transparent. Lovely stuff! Does anyone feel some tests of change coming on….?


If you are part of the Patient Experience Collaborative and think you would like to be a patient rep in the charitable funds discussions – drop me an email or let your QI team staff member know.

Cheers Janet

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