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Steven Chadderton

I am Steven Chadderton – Father of my Eldest Daughter, Helen Louise Chadderton who has entered the Great Manchester Cycle Race of 52 Miles (Sunday, 29th June 2014) and also the Manchester to Blackpool Cycle Race (Sunday, 13th July 2014) along with her Partner – Shaun Parkinson, to raise Funds for the Hope Kidney Patients Association – Salford.

I have been a Renal Patient with Kidney Failure for the past 26 years at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Unfortunately, 3yrs ago I developed Cancerous Growths upon my Right Kidney necessitating the Surgical Removal of the Cancerous Growths and my Right Kidney. Approximately 2.5 years ago my Left Kidney showed extreme signs of Kidney Failure and now has only a 6% Function which has necessitated the commencement of Kidney Dialysis under the care of Salford Royal Hospital – Renal Unit.  I currently have to Dialyse 4 times each week and each session takes about 6 hours in each Dialysis Session.

Hope Kidney Patients Association is based at Salford Royal Hospital and is represented also at Hope Satellite Renal Units based at BoltonOldhamRochdale and Wigan.

Hope KPA provides amenities and support to all Kidney Patients under the care of Salford Royal, which without regular treatments of Dialysis, Patients would simply not sustain life.

I am currently registered upon the National Kidney Transplant List, and awaiting a suitable Donor of a new Kidney, which will prolong my life in the future.

Hope KPA have been a great help by offering Psychological, Financial, Medical and friendly support to me in my fight against Renal Failure, and I earnestly request your Support by Sponsoring my Eldest Daughter and her Partner to raise much needed funds for this very worthy Charitable Association.

Thank you so much,

Steven Chadderton (Home Dialysis Patient – Salford Royal Hospital (SRFT) 

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