Reann’s Kidney Failure Story

Reann’s Kidney Failure Story


Reann's Kidney FailureDiagnosis & Starting Dialysis

In June 2009 I got rushed into Whiston Hospital  with severe swelling and after lots of tests. I got diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) at the age of 15. In 2012 when I was 18, I had a PD tube fitted.  I also had my left kidney removed in the June and started peritoneal dialysis.

Getting the Call for Transplant

Then on 30th of August 2013 I received a call for a kidney. Reann's Kidney FailureBut unfortunately it only lasted 2 years after a few bouts of rejection. Then FSGS returning just 6 weeks later after a lot of plasma exchanges. Unfortunately, I needed to go back on dialysis so in September 2015 I started back on dialysis.

Starting back on Dialysis

I’ve had a lot of problems with my fistula with nerve pain and steel syndrome. So I went back on pd for a few months but unfortunately it failed and caused major damage to my heart. I’m now I’m in heart failure Now I’m Back on Dialysis  doing shared HD.

Reann's Kidney FailureLiving on Dialysis

I am healthy so now I’m just waiting for a transplant. It was horrible being told I was in renal failure, with the diet restrictions and fluid restrictions that accompany it. It was like my life was taken away from me. I feel like I have some control back now however as I to share care so do all my treatments myself. It includes needling myself, lining machine but in a setting where there is a nurse if I need help.

Waiting for a Transplant

It’s a lot harder than I thought and I have now been told that I need a live donor for a better chance of the kidney working for me.The reason that I have been told I need a living donor is because there is a better chance the kidney will last longer. As they can give me plasma exchange for two weeks before the transplant to help the chance of it working. So I’m just waiting for someone to say they will donate to me so I can continue to live my life.


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