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As spring approaches and the good weather returns (we hope), our thoughts turn to holiday planning and possibly warmer climes.  At Salford Royal, we don’t want our home haemodialysis patients to miss out and traditionally, arranging holiday dialysis either in this country or abroad, was and continues to be dependent on finding a local hospital to provide your dialysis when you are on holiday.  This can be particularly difficult in this country as many units are full.  Even when you have arranged for holiday dialysis, this is often at a time to suit the unit rather than the patient.

Here at Salford we offer training on a transportable machine which you can take to your hotel , caravan, or motorhome – and one of our patients, John Roberts has blazed a trail to all the way to Spain to dialyse on his NxStage dialysis machine in his apartment.

Although we have had a few patients who have dialysed away from home on their NxStage machines in the UK, and one hardy soul dialysed in her motorhome a number of times, John is the first we have organised to go abroad.

JR in SpainWith the support of the NxStage homecare team, and the staff on the RTU, we arranged for his delivery of dialysate fluid at his destination.  John took his machine in a special container provided by the company, and the airline played their part by transporting it free of charge because it is classed as medical equipment.

John was then free to use his baggage allowance for the necessities of holiday packing, and didn’t have to worry about the dialysis consumables.

I would love to say that I have spoken to John, but he is still abroad – and as you can see, dialysing to live!  When he returns, I will get him to let everyone know how is went.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this is certainly true for this photo.  Who says men can’t multi-task!

If anyone wants any information about the opportunity provided by Salford Royal to dialyse at home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your CKD nurses, or any of the Renal Training Unit Team.  We are situated on the Renal Unit opposite WH Smith in the Hope Building, or on 0161 206 2291.  If you are already on dialysis, just speak to one of your nurses and we will arrange to visit you with more information.

2 thoughts on “Renal Training Unit – notes from abroad

  • Not had the opportunity to train using my NX Stage machine on holiday but it is something I would like to do in the near future. Would rather dialyse my five days rather than every other day for a number of reasons, I’m not good doing 4 hours, more relaxed diet and fluid restrictions and also as John has shown in the photo, being able to dialyse in your own time and on the balcony in the sun.
    May have to have a word with the girls on the training unit soon.

  • The NX stage isn’t used by MRI, so would patients who are not under SRFT be able to get training and use it? It’s not the organising of the holiday I find difficult, although some places I’d like to go abroad are not near any dialysis unit. I have family in Canada and the nearest dialysis unit is approx an hours drive away so have been unable to visit. It’s the actual dialysis that takes up practically the whole of the day is the thing that deters me from going away regularly. It also impacts on family members, as it affects their day as well.

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