Research study into the effects of exercise on dialysis patients


Is one of our EXCITING new studies being run from the Salford Renal Unit and the Bolton Unit.

This study looks at the benefits of exercise whilst on dialysis!!!!

Patients will need to meet specific criteria to take part e.g. being over 18, on haemodialysis for more than 3 months and able to provide written consent

We hope to recruit 44 patients into this study over two years.

Half the patients who join the study will exercise for up to 40 minutes in the first 2 hours of dialysis during every dialysis session using an exercise bike that attaches to the dialysis couches.

The other half will continue with current treatment (i.e. no cycling on dialysis)

This way of doing research hopes to clearly identify whether there are any specific benefits to those patients exercising during dialysis and those patients who don’t.

We will be unable to pick whether an individual will be doing the cycling or not as the patients will be randomised (picked by the equivalent of tossing a coin) by computer.

All patients who join up to the study will be asked to attend assessment visits at Salford on a non-dialysis day 4 times throughout 15 months. This is so that assessments can be done with the patients to look at their baseline physical function and then how exercise has affected them at 6 months, 9 months and 15 months.

All patients will be monitored and motivated by our newly appointed physio assistants!!!!!

–        Garry Trew and Sarah Rothwell.

This study will hopefully be starting in November so if you have an interest please speak to the unit managers and they will pass your names on to the research team so we can come and give you more information about participation in this exciting study. Alternatively you can contact Cath Wilson research nurse on 0161 206 2018 to if you are interested.

Christina Summersgill

Vascular Research Team Manager

Renal Dept.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

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