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Hope everyone has had a top start to the New Year. I signed up for a voluntary job at Salford Royal Foundation Trust yesterday. As far as I’m aware, I’ll be working in and around renal patients who have ‘crash landed’ with kidney failure and giving them a heads up on what to expect in the future; Maybe even tell them my story so they can understand the ups & downs and how best to deal with them. I honestly can’t wait to get started! I’ll be working around my normal job but I just think this a fantastic opportunity for me to let patients like ourselves know that it’s really not all doom & gloom. Out of interest, has anyone else signed up to do anything similar?



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  • That’s fantastic Luke. I was lucky when I first started training for home haemodialysis at Salford Royal that there was a patient who helped me too. What you’re aiming to do will help so many people and you should be proud of yourself.

  • Hi Luke,
    I am s excited for you, I know how valuable it is as a patient knowing there is someone there to listen to your concerns and to share your experience is so rewarding. Good Luck

  • Thanks for the comments guys. I’m still going through the system checks at the minute Rob so I haven’t actually started. I went for an induction day at the hospital last week so I’m just waiting for a reply. As soon as I start I’ll keep you posted 🙂


  • Hi Luke, I’ve just read your story, wow, well done. Whilst I haven’t been through what you have, I’ve had a different experience in terms of having brain surgery for the aneurysm related to my PKD and so I’m thinking of doing a similar thing and would really be interested to hear how you are getting on.

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