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I am new to blogging but I think the idea is absolutely fantastic… Its good to hear stories of how other people are coping and the different difficulties individuals face and how they are overcoming them… It also seems to be a brilliant way to support each other when at first we think we are alone with the various conditions we suffer…

Firstly, a little about myself…

Up until February 2013, I had considered my self a very fit, healthy and active 26 year old who was rarely sick and virtually never visited to GP … that was until I changed GP surgery… I went for a routine appointment with the nurse for a new patient medical… that’s when I (or at least they) started to find bits wrong!…. At first, my blood pressure was very high… the nurse didn’t want me to leave the surgery until I had seen a doctor and had my blood pressure double checked… It was still high but they did not understand why, I am not overweight, I do not take salt or eat foods high in salt or fat, I drink very little alcohol and I exercise very regularly – I complete in Mountain Bike Orienteering Races 1-2 times per month and am out training almost every minute I can get! I was sent for a 24hour blood pressure test and a kidney ultrasound – to this day, I do not understand why they asked for an ultrasound but they’re the experts! Anyway, it came back as I do have hypertension (and am now on two types of blood pressure tablets) and the ultrasound showed that one of my kidneys was scarred and had shrunk and that the other one was enlarged!!! I was then referred to Nephrology and they are still doing their investigations to find out the causes of the shrunken kidney.

I try not to let my health problems / concerns interfere with what I love doing and that is getting out into the outdoors, I love mountain biking, hiking and trail running and have just won the mixed teams over 21’s category nationally for Mountain Bike Orienteering for a second year running, I am currently training for two 2-day mountain bike adventure races in 2014 and the full 2014 race season.

I am also preparing for a hike up Snowdon on New Years Day morning – what a way to start off a new year.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year


6 thoughts on “Sam Leight – New to blogging :-)

  • Hi Sam,
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a blog. You are not alone in the world of nephrology as there is plenty of support for you as and when you need it.

    We look forward to hearing of your adventures up Snowdon on New Years Day so please keep us updated. We send our good wishes for a successful climb and perhaps more importantly, a safe decent.

    Best wishes for 2014

    The GMKIN Team.

  • Hi Sam, thanks for your blog, I enjoyed reading it. I hope the hospital identify the cause of your kidney problem soon and that you enjoy your Snowdon hike tomorrow. Take care.

  • Hi and thanks for your replies… My tripped to Snowdon for New Year has had to change due to weather conditions… I was prepared for the snow and ice with crampons and ice axes but more frequent forcasts predict windspeeds of up to 85mph… that turned an acceptable risk into an unacceptable risk – would be much safer to leave it until a less windier day!
    I am instead going to Derwent Edge for a 20km hike where the wind is not as bad – well… will be back down at lower levels before the wind speeds pick up in the afternoon

  • Hi Sam hope you realise how encouraging your blog is to the rest of us!
    Wish I had a quarter of your ‘get up and go’.

    Happy New Year

  • Well done Sam for speaking out about CKD. It would be great if you could get in touch with me about something we are thinking of doing at the BKPA. Many thanks, Fiona

  • Like you i am new to this blogging lark but i am enjoying reading them. Unlike you i am not new to CKD so to see peoples reaction to it and seeing how it affects their daily life .
    Love the fact that you are carrying on with what you enjoy and not letting it beat you. Keep it up and keep blogging

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