Shirley and her CaMKIN experience

Blog from a CaMKIN member, Shirley and her CaMKIN experience.

Shirley and her CaMKIN experience
I first heard of “CaMKIN” through a mutual friend so I requested to join the group, which led me to attending the Coffee and Cake meet up on 29.06.19 at CafĂ© Lucaya in Liverpool.
I attended the group event and was really happy to meet such wonderful people, some I had known for years but never met, and some who I had never met.
It was great to put names to faces, and build up confidence and support from other members who have vast experience in Renal matters.
I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to everyone and listening to their ideas and experiences.
This has now led me to another Group which is part of the Patient Research programme within the NHS.
I have gained friends, knowledge and more in-depth understanding of why it is so very important for Kidney Patients to have their voices heard. These groups such as CaMKIN pave the way for Vital Research in the Community. One I shall be forever grateful and proud to be part of.
Renal Patient.
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