Stephen Caddick talks about his role as a MFT Governor

Stephen Caddick

Stephen Caddick, MRI KPA committee member & MFT Governor

Let me introduce myself. My name is Stephen Caddick and I’ve been a committee member of the MRIKPA (previously NWRKPA) for 10 years plus. Recently I’ve become more involved with renal services as TREnDs is rolled out, which is something I’m very passionate about. For this reason I decided to put myself forward to become a governor for the newly created Foundation Trust, after an election process I’m happy to say I was successful.

So, what is a Governor and what are their responsibilities? Governors play a very important role as the link between members, patients, carers, the public and stakeholders and the Board of Directors. They have a number of key responsibilities, including:

Helping the Board of Directors plan for the future, ensuring that we are accountable to our members and the communities that we serve, communicating effectively with members and developing networks for engaging with the wider community including minority groups. Governors also have advisory, guardianship and scrutiny of performance roles, with an effective Council of Governors being crucial to the new organisation’s future success.

It’s an exciting time to be elected to The Council of Governors as the hospitals in the Greater Manchester area are going to come under one ‘umbrella’. The new organisation will be created in two parts. Firstly, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust will join together to create a new Foundation Trust in October 2017. Then, the plan is for North Manchester General Hospital (which is currently part of The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust) to join the new organisation around 12-18 months later.

The Board have said “We are creating a new, city-wide hospital Trust which will provide much better, safer, more consistent hospital care that’s fit for the future to benefit people living in the City of Manchester, Trafford, and beyond”

At the time of going to press I have only attended one meeting and I’m very much finding my feet, what I hope to do is be a conduit between what goes on in the board meeting and the members of the public.

Any member who has a query that they would like me to put to the board please contact me and I will do my best to get answers



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