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Hi everyone, thanks for all the comments and support from my previous blog. I saw the consultant a few weeks ago and he was really happy with my progress – the operation was a success and the scar has healed well. We went through the consent forms for the next operation and this is scheduled for the 10th June.

I am now back at work on a phased return so building it up slowly and I will have Fridays off until the next operation which is a help as I get tired very quickly so by the end of the week I am exhausted! I am trying to go swimming and for walks etc to make sure I am in as best condition as I can be for the next one!

It is a weird feeling at the moment and I have good and bad days. Some days I feel really positive as the operation went well and my recovery was good. Other days I feel a bit low as I am essentially in limbo until I have had the next one and I know what I have to face which is good and bad if that makes sense! Plus I have to decide whether to be screened for them again in the future. I am trying to just take it one day at a time, the whole thing has been a huge learning curve and has massively put everything in to perspective. I look at each area of my life quite differently now but I know I can’t make any decisions until I have the next operation which I pray goes as well. Thanks for all the nice messages though, and I will keep you updated as to what is happening.

4 thoughts on “Surgery update

  • Thanks for the update Citygirl and it’s good to hear that ‘phase 1’ was a success. You’re right to take one day at a time and, although the ups and downs are difficult, I’m sure ‘phase 2’ will be just as successful as phase 1. Stay positive and don’t forget there are professionals around to help you through the bad days if they begin to get on top of you. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Hi Citygirl, are you still on target for June 10th for ‘phase 2’? How has your return to work gone? Like you I used to dread surgical interventions and, while I never get used to them, I do find that familiarity with the processes involved makes it a little easier. It helps when you have a good team of doctors and surgeons working for you too 😉

  • Hi Citygirl, haven’t heard from you for a while and I was wondering how things are going. I sincerely hope that your second phase op went to plan and that you’ve fully recovered from the surgery. Take care and best wishes, Rob F.

  • Hi Citygirl, I can’t believe that it’s over six months since I lasted posted on your blog. How are things going now? I hope the good days now far outnumber the bad and life is a little easier, your thoughts are a little clearer. It would be great to hear from you again, take care and best wishes, Rob F.

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