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Hi every one, thanks for the nice comments on my previous blog. I had the first aneurism treated on the 21st January and (fingers crossed) it all went completely according to plan.

I have to admit that I was very scared before the operation but as you would probably expect I was incredibly well looked after at Salford Royal. After the operation I was really, really sick, apparently this is quite a common side effect from anaesthetic but the staff did say it was quite a severe reaction. I was vomiting every 20 minutes for about 6 hours. I was under the care of the high dependency ward and the nurse on duty that night, Ruth, was amazing. There was nothing that they could really do as I had had all the anti-sickness medication but I couldn’t keep oral painkillers down so I was in quite a lot of pain. Ruth really managed my care well, stroking my hair and comforting me. Calling out the doctor to check on me and just generally being kind in looking after me. I am quite an independent person and being sick and not even being able to hold my own sick bowl was quite humiliating but she was so lovely. It sounds silly but when you feel that ill it really helps just having someone who is there to hold your hand and provide you with some human comfort.

So the first night after my operation was tough but after that I was moved in to my own room for the week which helped as I could get plenty of sleep. I was very tired and couldn’t eat much due to the sickness and my chewing muscles had been cut in the operation, the only thing I could really manage was yoghurt and protein shakes!

The two surgeons were absolutely fantastic. They rang my family straight away and also went to see them before I was moved on to the ward despite it being 8pm and I’m sure they just wanted to get back to their families. They also came to see me everyday including at 7pm on a Friday night at a time when I was progressing really well, I did think this was above and beyond. The scar is really impressive as well. Whilst it sounds a little vain I was worried about what it would look like and losing some of my hair. I had some bad swelling after the operation but I had been fully warned about this and it resolved quickly anyway. The scar itself is so neat, I was concerned I would be really self conscious when going out in public, it is easy for me to cover up with the way that they shaved my hair but to be honest I am so proud of it I am happy to go out with it on show!

I actually cannot speak highly enough of the care that I received from everyone. Nothing was too much trouble and was done with real kindness. Everyone at the Salford Royal seems proud to work there which is great. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have been treated in such an amazing hospital. Even minor things such as one day I really fancied strawberries and so my dad could get me some from marks and Spencer’s during evening visiting is a luxury that wasn’t available in some other hospitals I have used when I have lived in different places.

I am only half way through as I need the other aneurism treated but so far so good. I just keep hoping the next one follows the same course as this one has because if it does I will be back fighting fit in no time!

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  • Thanks for posting an update Citygirl. I’ve been checking the website regularly hoping you’d post some good news. And you have! It is great to hear you sounding so positive. Do you have any idea when you’ll have the second operation? Good luck and best wishes whenever it is.

  • Hi very good read and well presented sorry to hear about your condition and nice to hear that it went well I wish you all the best and hope all your further treatments go well. You are a fighter and I am sure you will come out fighting. All my best wishes to you.

  • Thanks everyone for the supportive comments. No news yet on when I will have the next one treated- I have to go back in a few weeks and then I will know more…..but I will keep you all posted. Thanks again!

  • What so good a brilliant update Citygirl. So good to see you are so positive.
    At SRFTH you are in the care of the finest Hospital in the North West, the stats
    have shown this to be true.

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