Symptoms leading up to my acute kidney failure.

I think this may be useful to anyone researching kidney failure.

When I was first diagnosed with CKD back in 2005 I didn’t feel any difference in my ability to work or do the things I’ve always done, or so I thought. Changes in me was noticed by my wife and work colleagues, people would ask if I was well, “why are you asking that” was my reply, “because you look off colour a little pasty with a bit of yellowing in the eye” was the answer. The other thing my wife noticed was that I would fall asleep quite often. As the years rolled by these comments became more frequent even my work colleagues would see me nod off at my desk. Other things started to affect me (which I now know as symptoms), night cramps, itchy legs and feet usually at night when in bed with the itching getting worse as the CKD got worse.

Three months before the acute failure my skin stated to be more yellow/orange and the white of my eyes also became yellowish. The change that I noticed most was my taste, food stated to taste different it didn’t taste nice and certain foods that I really like became unpalatable, it drove my wife mad because it got to a point were I was picking and leaving good food and never knew what I wanted. I would make sandwiches and smother the contents with a hot relish and thats all I would eat right up to the acute kidney failure. Even after starting dialysis food didn’t taste as it should have done and it was several weeks before I could taste some foods and over a year before my taste was something like normal.

Hope this is of some help to new patients. Victor […]

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