Personalised Christmas Eve Boxes

‘Personalised Christmas Eve Boxes’                           Included in Each Box: Santa’s Key Reindeer Poop Candy Cane Chocolate Coins Colouring Book Musical Instrument Santa’s Certificate Toy Santa Chocolate Lolly AVAILABLE NOW! Contact Ann Hunt on 07769 713 087 for details or send Ann a Message[…]

Pause For Thought

I’ve always been one for reflecting on events in my life, thankfully these days I manage to avoid the negative, confidence sapping reflection that fuelled my period of deep depression. Nowadays I look for the postive things in my life and celebrate even the minor achievements no matter how insignificant. Until last week I counted[…]

Raise Funds for HKPA by Steven Chadderton

Steven Chadderton I am Steven Chadderton – Father of my Eldest Daughter, Helen Louise Chadderton who has entered the Great Manchester Cycle Race of 52 Miles (Sunday, 29th June 2014) and also the Manchester to Blackpool Cycle Race (Sunday, 13th July 2014) along with her Partner – Shaun Parkinson, to raise Funds for the Hope Kidney Patients Association – Salford. I have been a Renal[…]

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