Tripadvisor type service for the NHS

According to this article the government intend to introduce a Tripadvisor type service to the NHS having trialled it for several months in parts of London and the north-east.

In the past I’ve had reason to both complain about and praise the care I’ve received within the NHS and have done so either directly or by using the excellent and independent website and usually had a satisfactory outcome. I feel the introduction of a “Tripadvisor” style system perpetuates the notion that we are consumers of healthcare and not simply patients. I don’t want to feel that my admission to hospital should be distilled into a star rating as though I was going to a restaurant for the evening. Perhaps this government is preparing the ground for the time when we have to pay for our treatment.

What are your thoughts? If you’ve experienced poor care or complaints you’ve made have been poorly handled let me know how you’d prefer to report and resolve those issues.

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