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Hello All

Seems a while since I last posted here. What’s new?..aaaargh I’ve recently hit the big 40! Tis but a number, some days I feel 90 but my head tells me I’m still 18! Fine chance 🙂

I’ll whisper this, don’t want to jinx it..dialysis is finally getting easier! hopefully the double vision is a thing of the past. Consultant thought I should be lying more flat on the couch for dialysis 🙁 plus side..blood pressure doesn’t drop so drastically, so no double vision, no extra fluid being given back, nearly finishing at my dry weight. Sadly I can no longer be on Twitter for the 4 and a bit hours of dialysis..aaaargh! Those who know me, know what a loopy juice I am on there 🙂 Does mean I can lie out and blast Bon Jovi concerts through my headphones 🙂

I’ve recently had a scan on my fistula arm. Unit nurses wanted it checked out..all good, no problems..happy days! 🙂

I’ve also had an MRI scan (Tuesday of this week) for the arteries/veins in my legs. All being ok with that scan, we’ll be getting the referral to surgeons..eeeek! I know I still have some weight to lose, it’s difficult, but I have lost 2 1/2 stone already.

Its another step down the scary road of transplant. Another step closer to a hopefully normal life. I won’t say ‘normal life again’..I don’t do normal..whatever ‘normal’ is!?

Tomorrow sees another dialysis day. I don’t dread them as much anymore. That doesn’t mean I look forward to them either..quite the opposite. Bigger needles tomorrow..big dose of EMLA cream in the morning I think is a must!

Most of you reading this probably get/understand what and where I’m at. I babble on, it helps me, I make no apologies for babbling 🙂

Think it’s time to stop babbling on, on here! Babble..babble..babble!! 🙂

Take care, all of you 🙂 xx

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