23rd March 2014


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Quality Improvement in Prescribing EPO Survey

As part of the Quality Improvement programme in renal services it is important for us to have the thoughts of our patients on how we can deliver our services in a timely and efficient manner. As a renal patient there will be times when you may need treatment for Anaemia requiring many Haemoglobin (Hb) blood tests for monitoring purposes and the prescribing of the drug Erythropoietin (EPO) on a regular basis. If you are a patient under the care of the Renal Team at Salford Royal Hospital and “STARTING TREATMENT WITH EPO” then we want to hear your preferences as to how you like to be contacted and how you like to order your repeat prescriptions by answering the questions in this short survey. Please click on the appropriate button on each line in order of preference.

IT IS IMPORTANT that you mark all buttons for each question so we can improve our service to you. For questions 2 and 3 please if option 1 is your 1st choice, 2 is your 2nd choice and 3 is your 3rd choice etc. You cannot have a joint choice place as this will make the survey difficult for us to analyse. Please see examples below: NOTE: If you are not a Patient Under the Care of Salford Royal Hospital receiving treatment with EPO then please ignore this survey and return to the Home page. Thank you! [contact-form-7 id=”1974″ title=”EPO QI”]

7 thoughts on “EPO QI

  • I recieve my EPO injections whilst on Dialysis but even then sometimes we don’t recieve them as they have not been sent to our unit from Salford Royal Pharmacy. I Dialyse at Bolton

    • Hi Brian. many thanks for your comment. This is a situation I hadn’t thought of when putting the survey together. As you may have realised, I’ve just pulled an all nighter to get the survey on line so I will bring your situation up when presenting the results. I hope you have managed to get some much needed sleep?
      Take care

  • I don’t need EPO so am ruled out of completing the survey however, the majority of the questions could relate to the prescription of any renal medication from Salford Royal and I’m pleased to see that the hospital is considering electronic communication between patient and healthcare professionals. Perhaps some of the questions could be used in a broader survey on future communication between the hospital and the patient.

    • Hi Rob. I had a generic form in mind when I was thrown in at the deep end with putting this survey together. It will need a bit of tweaking as I totally agree with your view of using this for other purposes. However my remit was to concentrate on the EPO situation. GMKIN is proving to be a very usfeul tool for anonymous data gathering.
      Take care

  • I receive my EPO injections by home delivery I changed to this system a while ago and find its a much better way it fits into my daily CAPD routine, on days that I feel unwell I don’t have the worry about not being able to go pick them up.

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