5th September 2013


Dear Friends and Group Members,

It’s true:


In August 2014 Transplant Sports UK (TSUK) are bringing the UK Transplant Games to Bolton. If you are really interested and want to keep tabs on the news updates just follow this link:

Goto TSUK >>

[Link updated on Thursday 23rd January 2014]


We will also be keeping you updated via all our media:

GMKIN – GMKIN Facebook Group – Twitter @GMKINet and for those who like the printed word in our Hope Kidney Patients Association quarterly newsletter which you can receive free of charge by post or by email on request from info@gmkin.org.uk

If you have any other news or articles, please send to news@gmkin.org.uk


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TSUK – Latest News 18 Feb 2014

You can get involved with the UK Transplant Games by clicking on this link GET INVOLVED >>
and pick out what you would like to do:

Sports Managers
Event Volunteers
Sports Support Volunteers

The Bolton News Donor Run (Entries will open in March 2014, for further details please contact btg@mls.gb.com.

For more information on Event Specific Roles please contact btg@mls.gb.com.


All you need to do is register online at www.gmsportal.net/btg. Find your hospital team and enter your details. Feel free to contact your Team Manager directly to find out about your team!


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Hope Kidney Patients Association

Results of Christmas 2013 Raffle, Drawn in Renal Unit at SRFT

Monday 16 December 2013

Winners and Prizes

  • 1st Prize – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Ticket 00189
  • 2nd Prize – Caravan Mini Break – Ticket 00236
  • 3rd Prize – Christmas Hamper  –  Ticket 00229
  • 4th Prize – Bottle of Baileys – Ticket 00101
  • 5th Prize – Half Bottle of  Whiskey – Ticket 00411
  • 6th Prize – Baylis &  Harding Gift Set – Ticket  00279
  • 7th Prize – Clarins Skin Solutions Set – Ticket  00045
  • 8th Prize – Tin of Chocolates & Bottle of Wine – Ticket 00174
  • 9th Prize – Baylis & Harding Gift Set – Ticket 00436
  • 10th Prize – Dove Soap Gift Set – Ticket 00193
  • 11th Prize – Swarovski Necklace – Ticket 00562
  • 12th Prize – Box of Chocolates – Ticket 00016

All winners have been notified on Monday 16th December 2013.

The Hope Kidney Patients Association would like to thank all who gave so generously to help the renal patients of the North and Western Sector of Greater Manchester.


Breaking Raffle News!

All Your Generous Donations Raised Over



Registered Charity 1010321







  • GMKIN on M.E.N.

The Greater Manchester Kidney Network has made it into the news. Please read more Kidney.

Kidney patients – we need your help to improve dialysis decision-making.

We have developed a new website for people choosing dialysis. If you are, or someone you know, is making a decision about dialysis please log on to http://www.yodda.leeds.ac.uk and let us know if this website information is helpful. Find out more

For more information contact Dr Anna Winterbottom at yodda@leeds.ac.uk.

  •  The bedroom tax

NKF wishes to hear of patients who have been affected for a meeting held in October with the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group, so anyone who has been affected please contact Dennis Crane, email: dennis.crane2@virgin.net

The impact of the so-called “bedroom tax” on the human rights of low-income households is being examined by a senior United Nations official.

Special Rapporteur on housing Raquel Rolnik is on a two-week tour of UK cities where she will meet tenants affected by the policy as well as officials, campaigners and academics.

Under the Government’s welfare reform, social tenants deemed to have more bedrooms than they need have had their housing benefit reduced since April.

Ministers say it tackles an unfair “spare room subsidy” not available to private-sector renters and suggest it will save around £500 million annually as part of the deficit-reduction strategy.

But it has sparked protests across the country with critics claiming it is forcing families into poverty and will increase the benefit bill by pushing people into the private sector.

Ms Rolnik, who will reveal the initial findings of the unprecedented inspection next week, said the UK faced a “unique moment” when the challenge of providing adequate housing was “on the agenda”.

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes housing as part of the “right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family”.

“The UK has voiced its commitment to human rights on repeated occasions, and this mission will give me an opportunity to assess in-depth to what extent adequate housing, as one central aspect of the right to an adequate standard of living, is at the core of this commitment,” she said.

“The UK faces a unique moment, when the challenge to promote and protect the right to adequate housing for all is on the agenda.

“In doing so, special attention would need to be given to responding to the specific situations of various population groups, in particular low-income households and other marginalised individuals and groups.”

The visit – at the invitation of the Government – takes in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast and Manchester and will include sessions in local communities.

A UN spokesman pointed out that the UK was signed up to a number of international treaties which protect the right to adequate housing and non-discrimination.

The final report will be presented in Geneva by the Special Rapporteur to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2014.

A DWP spokesman said: “It is simply not affordable to pay housing benefit for people to have spare rooms. Reforms to housing benefit in the social sector mean families receive help for the number of bedrooms they need, and these are exactly same rules as in the private sector.

“However, we are giving local authorities £190 million funding this year so vulnerable claimants get the help they need during the welfare reforms.”

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