3rd November 2014



GMKIN will continue to review this policy and may amend it as the project progresses so please refer back to this page from time to time.


GMKIN is committed to keeping your details private. We encourage every user to register with an anonymous username if they wish to maintain complete privacy. Whether or not you choose to post as yourself or anonymously please ensure that no private information is disclosed (for example, private email address, postal address)

GMKIN will not collect any data from you, apart from username, email address, and location.

• We chose not to collect your identifiable data to ensure that you can post anonymously.

• Details of visits to the site, comments, blogs and other postings from you are open to the public to raise awareness of the condition and help other patients

• If you want the blog posts to be viewed ONLY by registered users, please tick the box ‘Block this post’ from the WP-Members option (located above ‘Submit to review’). However, you should note that anyone can register an account to view the post.

• If you have any concerns always contact the site ‘admin’ via email address cmv.hkpa@gmkin.org.uk, and /or ‘moderator’ via mod@gmkin.org.uk who will clarify the options.

• We will store the data on online servers that may be located outside of the European Economic Area.


GMKIN is committed to keeping your information secure by utilising controls and processes to prevent unauthorised access and protect your data. Unfortunately in the case of any security breach we cannot guarantee that your data (profile, blog, comments) will remain completely secure and undamaged (blog posts may be lost, your emails may be stolen). Please remember that any posts on GMKIN are made entirely at your own risk.

We may use your details for the following:

– To send you notifications of blogs.

If you wish to stop the notifications, please login to your Dashboard, navigate to Profile and remove the ‘tick’ from ‘Email subscription’

– For research purposes – we may remove any identifiable data from your posts / contribution and share the data in order to influence policy, improve communications services, teaching, etc.

Disclosure of information

GMKIN administrators or moderators may choose to disclose your personal information (if you provide identifiable data) to healthcare professionals if we feel you are at risk. In this case we will contact you to explain the decision.

Restricting your posts

All blogs are subject to moderation. GMKIN team may choose not to post any contribution from you that:

– Could cause offence or distress to other group members

– Will set up a negative example for others in the group

– Specifically criticises or abuses any named individual including fellow group members, healthcare professionals or carers. Please remember that you can always post your concerns about service without giving names and/ or using abusive language.

– We will notify you if a post is not made public and we will explain the reasons why the decision was made.

Links to other websites

We provide links to other websites but we are not responsible of any information published on those platforms.

User generated content

This website is based on the principles of ‘user generated content’, which means that it includes information provided by other users, which may not necessarily apply to you. Before using the information seen on this website in any way please ensure that you contact and check with your local healthcare team. Please remember that every individual is unique and will have different health requirements.

The views expressed on this site are of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of Salford Royal NHS Foundations Trust, HKPA or Salford University.

Your rights

You have the right to delete any data posted by you, including your account by notifying the administrator/moderator via cmv.hkpa@gmkin.org.uk, and /or ‘moderator’ via mod@gmkin.org.uk.

You also have the right to notify the admin/moderator if you wish that your data is not used for research purposes. Please remember that all data used for research purposes will be made anonymous.

The GMKIN advisory board

The GMKIN is a project initiated by Salford University and Hope Kidney Patients Association (HKPA).

The advisory board and moderators will remain anonymous to protect themselves also more than one moderator may be involved as the site evolves. However, please ensure that they will act according to this Policy and you will be informed of any decisions made.

Please contact them via




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