12th June 2013


This section will help you to use the site.

The website works best on a Chrome or Firefox browser. To download any of the browsers, click the link below and follow the instructions.

Chrome – http://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/chrome/browser/

Firefox – http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/


To navigate around the site click on the green and black underlined text. An example is given below. The links are highlighted in red boxes


  • Health topics 

To view topics related to your health, click the link ‘Your health information‘ on the home page or navigate via the link http://gmkin.org.uk/your-health/ .

On each page [except the home page] on the right hand side under ‘Your health’  you can find links to all health topics, see example below


  • Other patients blog

To view people’s blog (diary) check the ‘What people say’ section on the right hand side. Alternatively, from ‘Home’  click the link  ‘Patient stories and experiences’ [highlighted in red box on the image below] or click the link http://gmkin.org.uk/blog/.


  • Ask a question / view discussions

To view people’s discussions on the forum or if you would like to ask a question, on he home page click the ‘Talk to other patients or carers on-line’ [highlighted in red box on the image below] or click he link: http://gmkin.org.uk/forums/



You can also ask a question or tell us your suggestions by using the reply form below each page.

Become a member

If you become a member of our community, you can

  • join other patinets discussions
  • discuss issues related to your health
  • tell your story
  • read other patients stories
  • share ideas about holidays
  • share useful information
  • be more social

How to become a member

Step 1. Navigate to the link http://gmkin.org.uk/members/ or click register on the members box, below the banner on the home page – right side [see below]


Step 2.  Enter your details. Should you wish to keep your identity private, choose a an anonymous username.



It will take up to 48 hours for your account to be activated. You will receive an introductory email to confirm that.

Step 3. Login

To login use the ‘Login Box’ located on the right hand side of the website. 

loginStep 4. Update your profile

  • Password

We advise you that you change your password on a monthly basis. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Ensure that you can easily remember your password.

To do that, hoover over ‘Howdy,…’. You will be prompted with a drop down. Choose ‘Edit my profile’, enter a new password and Save.


On the drop down you can access your activity on the site, your friends, groups, settings, profile and forum. Click on each heading to access it.

  • Your activity: your posts on the site, comments and so on [example below]


  • Friends: your connections on the site


  • Groups: The groups are formed based on interests. If you choose to be a member of a group you can view here all the groups that you are part of.


  • Settings: under this section you can change your password, see notifications and delete your account



Update your avatar: navigate to ‘Profile’ from the drop down, then ‘Change avatar’ [see below]. Click on ‘Browse’ to choose a photo from your computer, upload photo and save.



 Add friends

You can add friends based on their and your own interests, for example dialysis modality. To add a friend navigate to ‘Members’ box on the right hand side or click link http://gmkin.org.uk/members-2. You will be prompted with the page ‘Members’ [see below]. Click ‘Add Friend’ to send a friendship request.



Join a group

To join a group navigate to the ‘Groups’ page or click the link: http://gmkin.org.uk/groups-2. Each group has its own forum that will allow you to discuss with other group members.  Click ‘Join a group’ to be part of the group.




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