17th February 2014

Jack Polson


“THE GIFT OF LIFE” only four little words but very emotive words that have a great deal of meaning to prospective organ donors and recipients alike. Firstly for the donors, it is a pledge to donate their organs after death to desperately ill patients who themselves without this gift are quite likely to die also it is for live donors, related and unrelated, to offer this gift as well but whatever the decision that is taken, it will always be on a voluntary basis, no coersion, laws or threats should ever be made. I believe in the U.K we urgently need more organ donations for desperately sick people, approximately 4000.

JPIn 1978 I found out I had Polycystic Kidney Disease which is a genetic renal disease which killed my dear Mum at the age of 50 years and my youngest sister Sandra at 53 years. My youngest brother Keith had a kidney transplant in Liverpool approximately 15 years ago.

A huge thank you again to my donor family for your loved one’s gift, my thoughts and my gratitude are with you this coming 6th December 2013 as it is the 22th anniversary of the death of your loved one.

photoThe Gift of Life is so very important to me as at this moment in time my own very dear Son John who also has the Polycystic Kidney Disease. To give even more joy my very brave and wonderful wife, Norine, donated one of her kidneys to our son. John on the 7th June 2012 at Manchester Royal Infirmary, in my estimation my admiration for all of the Renal Transplant Team grows and grows. Also my admiration for our daughter, Belinda is also relevant as she “Stepped up to the line and volunteered to donate one of her kidneys if needed.

On the 14th December , I received the news that I had prostate cancer, thankfully it is treatable, so what the heck another challenge to face and beat.

Jack Polson. 



The gift of life – http://gmkin.org.uk/the-gift-of-life-2/

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