5th April 2013

Your fitness


The majority of people living with a Chronic Kidney Disease can live an active life. Although after initial diagnosis people fear about the implications of dialysis and transplant on their  physical abilities, employment and social life,  thousands of people with kidney disease are living physically active and interesting lives which often include jobs, sport and varied social activities.

There is evidence that exercise integrated into treatment plan  has numerous benefits to your health, from weight management, muscular strengths, low cholesterol and blood fats, healthy heart to psychological benefits like self-esteem, control depression and anxiety.

It is desiribable to have your own exercise plan, which is suitable to your abilities and preferences. Consult your health care team, who would advise and monitor your blood chemistry and blood pressure following exercise.

Finding the time to exercise, especially if you are on dialysis might be difficult. With the right guidance you can learn to integrate exercise around your schedule and may soon find improvements in energy and enthusiasm for life are motivation to continue.

It is highly important that you see your doctor before starting a fitness programme.

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